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Aries (21 March- 20 April):

Key characteristics: Impetuous, adventurous, vengeful, dominating, moody, independent, intelligent, ambitious.

They are highly energetic people like an army man because this sign is ruled by Mars. They like to do exciting things and often lose interest in routine and predictable works. They easily get angry but quickly calm down if you listen to them. They are active, aggressive, impatient, and always remain busy physically or mentally. Inattentiveness is their big weakness, so they always need guidance and new challenges to succeed in life.
They have an athletic physique and you can easily recognize them in a crowd. Selfrespect is a big factor for them in any relationship.
Number 1 and 9 play a significant role in their life. January, March, April, October and November are the most eventful time of the year for them. They are prone to headache, arthritis, diabetes, skin allergy, blood disorder, and lower back pain.

Success mantra: Speed with Accuracy

Lucky Colour: Pink, cream, green, and blue

Lucky Days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Lucky Stone: Opal & Emerald

Lucky Metal: Silver

Friendly Sign: Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn