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StarsGyan (a product of Starsgyan private limited) is an initiative of IIT alumni, IT and Management professionals, who have deep knowledge, keen interest and faith in Jyotish (astrology). Jyotish is considered as Eye to see the light of Vedas , the supreme knowledge.

Everyone in the world has his/her own problems. The problems cant be avoided as they will continue to appear and many time they are beyond anyone’s control. At the same time, we have control in choosing our response and choosing the timing of our response to handle the problems in effective way. This is where astrology comes into picture as this will guide us in choosing the right choices and selecting the right time or favourable time to respond. Indian Astrology is blend of Karma Theory, Spirituality, Science, Knowledge and Remedial measures.

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StarsGyan is an online platform to provide knowledge of Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Tarot and other ancient occult sciences.

StarsGyan app is user friendly app and focuses on using modern technology to make available the ancient wisdom to all in easy way and through right experts.

Our vision is to become best platform to provide consultations based on Astrology and other occult sciences. This vision shall be achieved by bringing right experts with deep knowledge and understanding of the science behind Astrology and their uses in life. One of the cardinal objectives is to remove the pervading misconceptions about Astrology and other occult sciences and reinstate the true values that it offers to our life.

This shall be achieved by strict verification of the background of experts and feedback obtained from various other sources including some Gurus.

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All the astrologers, tarot readers, vastu and numerology specialists are trusted and certified by StarsGyan

Richness and depth of the occult world is quite fascinating and has its own sort of logic to understand the problem and give appropriate remedies . Astrology ascribes placement and movement of planets within twelve sections of zodiac (sign) and 27 nakshatras, while Numerology focuses on the magical world of numbers and their impact on our life. shashtra describes how energy of a place of living or working impacts a Vastu person’s life. Tarot is a deck of 78 beautiful cards, each with its own symbolism and story, in which 22 major arcana cards represent a bigger aspect of life while 56 minor arcana reflect the trials and problems that we experience on daily basis.

All the astrologers, tarot readers, vastu and numerology specialists are trusted and certified by StarsGyan after several rigorous rounds of interviews, to whom users can easily get personally connected on chat, phone or via free live streaming.

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Interactive live session with astrologers provides a better understanding of various occult topics.

In today’s volatile world our astrologers will assist you to check the compatibility in relationship and loyalty of your partner.

All our verified astrologers are available 24*7 at your fingertip to help in your troublesome time for effectively handling your problems and assist you to take fruitful decisions along with the most favorable time to act on it.

On the basis of various Dhan Yogas and Artha trikona in your horoscope, our experts suggest you a suitable career option for financial independence and future security.